Box News #275 – November 20, 2018

Mick talks about, leaving home after being there for so long, meeting Bernie at LHR, arriving in Budapest Hungary, meeting Vic our driver, having a quiet night in, Phil had his partner Patina over with him, the ‘Aquarium’ venue the first show being sold out, the delayed sound-check, first day madness, Brno in the Czech Republic, my badly timed chest infection, the ‘Semilasso’ venue, the famed ‘Volkshaus’ in Zurich Switzerland, Pledge vocalist, fantastic reactions to the new set, Dornbirn Austria, headlining an indoor festival with ‘The Sweet’ & ‘Uli John Roth,’ and a signing session in Saturn music shop.

Mick also discusses, arriving in Munich, the ‘Circus Krone,’ still smelling like a Circus, Angus our Front of House technician and his broken lap top, playing with the excellent ‘Zombies,’ Stuttgart and the interview at the SWR Radio station, another Pledger, interviews aplenty, driving to Holland, the ‘Paatronaat’ venue in Haarlem, the fan meet in a pub called ‘Crackers,’ Davey and Russ joining in, Louis Rentrop and the Dutch fans raising euro 300 for my Cancer Charity, washing shirts etc in the sink in my hotel room, the Chinese Laundry, watching the football, Jon Bintliff’s Birthday, Saarbrucken and another signing at the Media Markt, Trier and another pledger, Offenbach and two pledgers, and meeting old friends.

Mick also talks about the Lichtburg venue in Essen being rammed, Brussels Belgium at the ‘La Madeleine’ theatre, the dreaded curfews, Regensburg and the Italian restaurant, the ‘Audimax Der Univeritat’ venue, at the sound-check playing ‘Lady in Black’ with Anton ‘Judy’ Seutter and his students from the ‘House On The Rock,’ music school, getting Judy to join us on stage that night for LIB, Ravensburg, Spurs v Crystal Palace and a win for Spurs 1-0, Steve Kerslake, Hamburg, The Hard Rock Café, ‘Crazy Jeans,’ The ‘Docks,’ venue, the crowded dressing room, Leipzig and the ‘Haus Auensee’ venue, on to Dresden at the ‘Schlachgthof venue, Berlin was sold out and raised the bar for audience reaction and it was just amazing.


After being at home for a few weeks, even though we had a week of rehearsals in that time, it was a bit of a wrench to get packed and ready for a 2-month tour of Europe to promote our new album ‘Living the Dream.’ I was firmly entrenched in family life, but it was time to put my rock n’ roll hat on and hit the road. It is always a bittersweet moment, but to be honest that is the life in this rock n’ roll circus that I live. Still it was tough saying goodbye to my wife Sheila, Romeo my son and my dog Iggy and Biscuit my cat. I will miss them all terribly.

I met Bernie at London Heathrow Airport to board a British Airways flight to Budapest Hungary. Phil and his lady Patina had already been there for a few days break, rubber necking, and Davey and Russ decided to go late with the crew and sleep on the tour bus. This way they arrived at midnight and were picked up at Budapest airport by the sleeper bus, that for some reason could not park outside the ‘Aquarium’ venue, so they parked far away and that was where they stayed until a 10am bus call for the crew in the morning to start getting the stage and venue prepared etc. They had to ferry the equipment from where they were parked to the venue which delayed things quite considerably.

Bernie and I arrived at the hotel at 19.30pm just as Vic our driver drove up outside, which was pretty cool. Phil, Bernie and myself are driving in a car with Vic the whole tour, as we like to have a non- moving bed each night to sleep in after the show, whereas Russ and Davey are quite happy to be on the bus. On the way to the hotel by taxi we saw Phil and Patina crossing the road to walk over one of those famous Budapest bridges that was lit up like a Christmas tree, and I have to say it looked very impressive.

After checking into the hotel, Bernie, Vic and I had a nice dinner in the hotel restaurant and a reasonably early night. Budapest was sold out which was good and whilst having dinner I was receiving texts from our manager Ace informing us of further sell outs on the tour coming in. That is a good way to start a tour with a sell-out, so ‘Appy days indeed!

The next morning, we had breakfast and met up with Phil and Patina who told us that they had a great few days walking around the city. The next move was to wait for a text from Scampi to see how the day would unfold. We planned to have a 2-hour sound check as there was a lot to do for the first night’s show.

It will not be long before the operation is running smoothly, but we do not really know how it all fits together until we have a few shows under our belt. However, the first night is always an exciting one and we could not wait to plug in and rock out.

It was first day madness and as the crew had to ferry the equipment from where the bus was parked to the venue, it delayed things quite a lot by approximately 1 hour 30 mins. So, our planned 3pm sound check was moved to 4.30pm, so the pressure was on.

In the end, the crew did a marvellous job and we managed to complete everything we needed to, and we were set.

Well it was a rockin’ show and there were some nerves bounding about, but all in all it was really cool, and we felt we had the basis for a fantastic set list. With a few nip and tucks over the next couple of shows we will be a well-oiled machine. The audience were well up for it and a good time was had by all.

No matter how hard you rehearse a set list in a rehearsal room situation it is a totally different dynamic when you do it in front of an audience, so it was cool to get a good one under our belt from the off.

The crew, Davey and Russ went overnight to the next show in Brno in the Czech Republic. Phil, Bernie and I were in the car with Vic driving. Davey and Russ were staying on the bus and only having hotels on the days off like the crew. The three of us are not good sleepers on the bus, so it is the best scenario for everyone.

Unfortunately, I had picked up a bit of a chest infection since leaving home, but luckily, I had some medicine with me to try and take care of it. I was on a no drinking, eating healthy diet anyway, so why that decided to hit me over the head with a baseball bat I will never know. Still the show must go on as they say!

Well we arrived at the sound-check at the ‘Semilasso’ venue that was also sold out, so things were definitely looking up. We managed to go through a few songs and make smoother transitions from song to song, and that paid dividends that night. We were rockin’ and the Czech audience were loving it. We had a great time and the new songs were sounding great, plus the running order of songs was bedding in nicely.

Now the next day we had a concert in the Volkshaus in Zurich Switzerland. This was a long old schlep as it was 553 miles. Because of this Bernie and I opted to go on the tour bus overnight and catch up on sleep when we arrived. This we did, and it proved to be good move as it took 14 hours. Phil stayed with Vic and kept him company in the car and they arrived just in time for the sound-check.

We had a Pledge vocalist whose name was Rene Butikofer at the sound-check and he came up and sang ‘Easy Livin’ with us, while his lady took videos of him. He was a lovely guy and he looked like he enjoyed it immensely. His lady afterwards gave me a little toy dog with a bone in its mouth with Iggy written on it which is the name of my dog. That was so lovely of her and it is now my tour mascot. I found out later that Rene was a Policeman, so we had a selfie done both saluting each other.

The concert in the Volkshaus was tremendous and everything we had worked hard on clicked and paid off. The audience were fantastic, and they really embraced every song old and new. It was just amazing!

The following day we drove for 2 hours to Dornbirn Austria, and when we arrived at the hotel we had lunch and then we went to our rooms for a couple of hours until it was sound-check time. The venue was called the ‘Conrad Sohm,’ and after our show that night it turned into a disco type night club. In fact, when the crew arrived at 3am in the morning they parked up outside, and the club night was still in full swing.

It was an odd venue but very rock n’ roll and our crew did a marvellous job of getting us set up with the added production we are carrying with us on this tour. Nevertheless, it was a rockin’ show and we had a really good time even though it was hotter than hell.

The following day we travelled 202 miles to Fürth where we were playing the Stadthalle. We were headlining an indoor festival with Uli John Roth and the Sweet on the bill amongst others.

The mighty Hep had a signing session at the local Saturn shop which went well.

Back at the gig Russ and I watched the Uli John Roth band and they were great. He is a fine player and a lovely guy as well. It was good catching up with the ‘Sweet’ boys too as always.

When we took to the stage the crowd were well warmed up, but they still had an abundance of energy to give to us, as we went down a storm. It was a fabulous concert and our set was getting stronger each night which felt really good as we hit our stride.

The next day was a much-needed day off in Munich. It was only a 2-hour drive for us, so we took it easy and arrived in time for a hotel check in of 3pm. The rest of the boys were already in their rooms, but they had to either stay on the bus or go and have some breakfast until their rooms were available. Angus and Rich decided to go rubber necking around Munich, so they were set.

In the evening there were plans for us to all go out for dinner in the city, but everyone was too tired, and we just stayed in the hotel restaurant where luckily the food and drink was spot on.

Angus our Front of House Technician Apple Lap Top had died, so he had an early appointment at the Munich Apple shop the next morning to see if he could get it looked at. At first it looked like he would have to buy another one, but in the end, they were able to fix it with another Mother Board and they even managed to get it back to him before he left that night to Stuttgart after the Circus Krone show which was amazing.

The Circus Krone in Munich has always been a prestigious venue to play and the atmosphere is fantastic. It was the first night with the ‘Zombies’ in support too, and they are a really good band of musicians, with good songs, so it was a fine musical package indeed.

I had an interview to do for a daily newspaper before we went on and there are always a number of meet and greets to do as well, so it was quite a busy backstage area. There is still the smell of animal dung all over the place, just to remind you that it is indeed a Circus.

Well when we hit the stage we were flying, and it was a marvellous show and the audience were rockin’ with us big time. When we left the stage after our final song there was a huge roar, that we heard continue until we were back in our dressing room. It was really good to have a major city like Munich under our belt and such a successful one too.

It was only a 3-hour drive to our next city in Stuttgart, but it had been arranged for us to visit one of the biggest German Radio Stations SWR for an interview. The three of us met Russ and Davey in the station and the interview was a blast and really good to do.

Russ and Davey then went back to the gig and the rest of us checked into our hotel. There was no plan to do a sound-check, but we had another Pledger Francis Neurohr come along to do ‘Easy Livin’ with us, so we still had to get down there earlier than planned. I also had to be at the venue for a 7pm interview with Classic Rock UK and another one at 8pm for a Polish newspaper, so my dance card was marked big time so to speak that day.

Our good friends Thomas and Petra came to see us, and it is always good to see them. Thomas works for Shure Microphones which we use exclusively, as they are fantastic.

Well the concert was totally rockin’ and it was all beginning to take great shape, as the venue was huge, and we could use all of our full production. It looked and sounded great even from standing on stage which really gives you a good vibe and feeling. The audience were brilliant, and the new songs were definitely sitting wonderfully beside the old classics.

Most of the attendances at all of the shows thus far, have been sold out or only a few people short of a sell out each night, which is just great. There is a real buzz going on for the mighty Heep which is very exciting, and with ‘Living the dream’ number 10 in the charts in Germany it is all good.

The next day we had to drive to Haarlem Holland which was a long old schlep and it took us 8 hours. We sure had numb bum after that journey I can tell you, and we had to go straight to the ‘Patronaat’ venue as I had a phone interview at 7pm and then a TV interview with Russ at 8pm. Phil managed to quickly go to the hotel, but Bernie and I stayed and showered down at the gig. The thought of another upheaval and checking into the hotel did not appeal to me at all and I had those interviews to do, so I was out of luck anyway.

The Dutch fans along with some fans that had flown in from England and Wales and other parts of Europe, met in a pub called ‘Crackers,’ earlier in the day to have a bit of a Heepy session. They even had a ‘Heep’ cover band playing there. As the three of us and Vic were still driving, Russ and Davey went to join in and they even got up and played a couple of songs with them, which was cool.

But cooler than that, Louis Rentrop who used to look after our website, before his illness struck, managed to raise Euro 300 for my Nightingale Cancer Charity. Louis will always be a valued part of the Heep team and how wonderful is that? What great fans we have who will give like that to such a noble cause. It was amazing and a big thank you to all concerned.

Well after that busy day it was good to get on to the stage and it was another sell out. The venue was rammed, and we had a brilliant show and Holland never lets us down as they were with us from note one to the last. It was a good feeling back in the dressing room, but I really needed a shower and a bed after that day specially as the chest infection was still lingering.

As the next day was a day off and a 6-hour drive, Bernie decided to jump ship and go on the sleeper bus overnight. Vic, Phil and I took our time driving there and arrived at the hotel at just past 4pm which was great.

I managed to do some shirt washing in the bath and in the sink in my room, so my hotel room looked like a Chinese Laundry, but from experience it had to be done and the longer you leave it the more of a chore it becomes. Some venues have washers and dryers but not so far on this run hence the washing. Rock n’ Roll eh!

After doing my washing I made a cup of tea, as I always travel with a Kettle, Tea Mug, and English Tea Bags with me. I usually pick up the milk from the dressing room, so I am covered. I put the TV on in my room and lo and behold it was a football match between Tottenham Hotspurs and West Ham in the Carabao Cup. Spurs won 3-1, so I was delighted to say the least.

The evening plans were that we would meet in the hotel bar at 7.30pm and then on mass have dinner in the hotel restaurant at 8pm, as it was Jon Bintliff’s birthday. Jon is Scampi our tour managers brother and he is putting together the production every night for us. We had a great meal and most of us then had an early night. I certainly did, in an attempt to shake off the rest of this chest infection that is getting marginally better each day but is still a pain and lingering longer than I would have liked.

The concert the following day was actually in Saarbrucken Germany but for some reason our hotel was on the border in France. We were miles from any real civilisation, so we just chilled around the hotel until the sound check. Actually, we did not sound check as we were picked up from the venue to go to the Media Markt for a record signing.

My good guitarist gunslinger friend Alex Beyrodt, (Rock Meets Classic, Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, Sinner etc.) was in town so he popped down to the signing to say hello as he could not make it to the concert. It is always good to see him, and it was a shame we could not chat for long, but we always keep in touch one way or another.

At 7pm I had another interview with a guy called Christof who put my picture on the front cover of the German ‘Breakout’ magazine. In fact, we were all over it with many pages about Heep, the new CD ‘Living the Dream’, and advertising for both the album and upcoming shows with the ‘Zombies.’ We had a lovely discussion and as it was an early show that night we did not go back to the hotel but stayed at the gig.

It was a fantastic concert and it we had a blast! Everything we had worked on was bedding in nicely, and there was a flow going on with the set list that felt really good. Because it was Jon’s birthday yesterday we brought him on to the stage and presented him with a cake, card and bottle of some alcohol, and the audience all sang Happy Birthday to him which was great. This is a Heep tradition as we are nearly always away on our birthday’s.

The following day we had a short 63 miles drive to a city called Trier. It is a beautiful place with lots of history, so we had a little walk around before going down to the sound check where we had a Pledger who played guitar. His name was Astrid Meyer and he had his family there with him taking videos and photographs. He bought along his own guitar and he did really well playing ‘Easy Livin’, and after that I signed his guitar. Luke was down in front of me all night long rockin’ out and I gave him the pick that I used on ‘Easy Livin’ that night.

We stayed around for a short time after the concert as Pizza’s and Salads arrived but then the three of us and Vic went back to the hotel.

It was only a 3-hour drive to Offenbach the next day where we were playing the famous ‘Capitol Theatre.’ That day we had 2 Pledgers for the sound check, one on Bass and one Vocalist. The vocalist Ralf Schmidt did a fine job, and the Armin Donderer was really cool on Bass. Armin actually plays bass in Oliver Hartmann’s band and Oliver was one of the guitarists that I worked with when we first did ‘Rock Meets Classic.’ We did manage to meet Oliver and Armin after the show for a drink which was cool.

At 7pm I had a TV interview which went well, so there was no rest for the wicked.

Sascha Krebs and his wife Doris came to the show and I first met Sascha once again when he was in the choir for ‘Rock Meets Classic’ and we have remained friends ever since. He has a hell of a voice and he sings in the ‘Queen’ tribute ‘We Will Rock You,’ ‘Evita’ and ‘Hair’ musicals to name but a few.

Well the concert was top notch and we had a great time playing. The audience were with us from the first note to the last and it felt really good. It was a fantastic response and it was good to meet everyone after the show. It did feel like we had hit our stride on stage and it was rockin’! The new songs have been going down incredibly well and that is just great.

It was a day off the next day, so we took a leisurely 3 ½ drive to Essen. We checked into the hotel that was in a good location as it was right in the city for a change.

Bernie and I went for a long 2 hours walk which was most welcome just to get some fresh air. The day was a mild one too for that time of year. Essen was getting ready for the Xmas Market and the Gluhewein stalls, as we could see these being built in the Plaza Square.

In the evening, there as a split off and everyone went to different restaurants at different times. However, the band stayed together, and we went to a Steak Restaurant that Bernie had spied on our walk earlier being the Carnivore that he is.

It was a lovely meal and as the hotel had no bar, everyone went for an early night and to make use of the day off and have a restful one.

We did not have a sound check in the sold out Lichtburg theatre in Essen, but we did have a meet and greet at 6.15pm. Then I had a pre- gig interview at 7pm before preparing for the show.

It was a seated concert but not for long and the theatre was rammed with every balcony full to the brim. The balconies were very high up indeed and right up there in the gods. It was a fantastic show and it was great to see those smiling faces down the front of the stage having a fantastic time. A few of our production boxes malfunctioned but it was still a powerful show and it went down a storm.

The crew with Davey and Russ left overnight to Brussels Belgium at 1.30am but Phil, Bernie, Vic and myself went back to the hotel pretty quickly after the show to make the most of our rooms.

It was only 145miles drive to Brussels in Belgium from Essen Germany, so we took a leisurely drive arriving at approximately 1pm and luckily our rooms were ready at the hotel. We went for a quick lunch at a Lebanese Restaurant which was nice before returning to our hotel to chill.

The venue was the ‘La Madeleine’ and there was no sound check again, so we joined everyone down at the venue at 6pm for dinner.

Well the venue was packed solid but unfortunately the dressing rooms were 4 floors up, and in another building, so we could not soak up the atmosphere. However, as we approached the stage we could hear that the audience were well up for it, so we were ready, as the adrenaline kicked in.

There was a strict curfew, so we had to change the set around a little bit and lose a couple of numbers which we did not like but that’s life. Curfews can run very expensive if you ignore them and run into thousands of Euros in fines and they can even close venues down if not adhered to.

Well apart from the curfew it was a great gig and the Belgium audience were rockin’ big time. Even with the small adjustments made to the set it ran smoothly and it was a good sign that the songs we have chosen overall, fit together like a glove.

We had a great time on stage and the crowd were with us all the way, so it was a good feeling. A lot of Dutch fans had made the journey too.

The following day we were in Regensburg for a day off. It was a long old journey of 450 miles but with our Vic driving we made up good time and we had enough time to un-pack our suitcases and have a shower before meeting in the hotel lobby for dinner.

The crew all went for a curry, but the band found a little Italian Restaurant a short walk from the hotel. It was literally 2 mins walk. It was a family run restaurant called ‘La Bella Vita.’ We were recognised and had a few pictures taken with people, but it was not intrusive at all. At the end of a delicious meal the lady owner came over with free Grappa which then morphed into Lemon cello much to the delight of Bernie.

We chatted with the wife and her husband for a while and we put them on the guest list for the following night. They were so delighted that they would not let us pay for the meal, which was very generous of them. I did ask who would open the restaurant on the Friday night if they were at the concert, and they said that it is not often they get a chance to see Uriah Heep, so they would close for the night. She did say that in another year they would be retiring so maybe that is why, but hey that is still something that does not often happen and still cool.

At the venue in the Audimax Der Univeritat for the sound-check we had Anton ‘Judy’ Seutter come along with a number of his students all with their guitars and ukulele’s as they were going to play ‘Lady in Black’ with us up on the stage. Judy runs a music school called ‘The House On The Rock,’ and we have known him and his lovely family for a long while.

Well this was a lot of fun and we ended up having pictures taken with them along with signing most of their guitars. It was a big thrill for them and in the same breath it was a good thing for the band to do, as it will inspire them to continue on a musical path with all the rewards that that will surely bring.

The gig was very theatre like and seated, but in the end, they were up and rockin’ with us big time. When we did ‘Lady in Black,’ we invited Judy to come up on to the stage, and he played the song with us on my other acoustic. He said it was a thrill of a lifetime and by the smile on his face I believed it.

We met everyone that we could after the show and then Phil, Bernie and I drove with Vic back to the hotel. It was a 4 hour drive the following day to Ravensburg where we were playing the Oberschwabenhalle venue.

Every night we have meet and greets at 6.15pm which is cool as we get to sign everything they bring, they get a Heep Lamanet, and pictures taken with the band. It is cool to meet everyone too.

Before we went on stage I was lucky enough to get on my iPad the Spurs v Crystal Palace football game, which we won 1-0, so I was delighted to be sitting there with a cup of tea watching the game. It is the simple things in life that give me the most pleasure I have to say.

Well Ravensburg was totally rockin’ from the first note and it was a tremendous atmosphere from the off. It was a brilliant concert and you could feel the electricity in the air. Everything came together that night and we were a well-oiled machine.

We met a few people backstage including Steve Kerslake who was in town, so that was cool. We had to get away reasonably quickly due to the fact we had an 8-9-hour drive to Hamburg the next day, even though it was a day off.

Bernie jumped ship and went with the crew, Russ and Davey. We left at 10am and arrived at the hotel in Hamburg at 5pm, so it wasn’t too bad, so I had enough time to unpack, have a shower and even do some clothes washing in the sink before meeting downstairs at 7pm to go for dinner at the ‘Hard Rock Café.’

Davey had left his wallet on the bus, so he had to locate where that had parked to retrieve it.

It was a 15-minute taxi ride and going there on days off has almost become a tradition. It was good food and drink and we were back at the hotel for a much-needed quiet early night. The internet was good for once, so I downloaded about a dozen films to watch on the upcoming journeys before star fishing the bed for a good nights sleep.

The next morning, we had plans to go to a shop down on the Reeperbahn called ‘Crazy Jeans.’ We always come out loaded down as they have the best stage and street clothes all imported from the USA. Russ decided not to go but the four of us came out with bags full. We even saw the twins in there when we arrived.

Then we went back to the hotel to rest for the afternoon before going down to the venue called ‘The Docks.’ I had a TV & Radio interview to do, along with 18 meet and greets, so it was a bit of a busy time, before hitting the stage.

Well the venue was packed to the rafters and it was an amazing show with the loudest strongest audience reaction thus far, which really raised the bar which was saying something. It was a brilliant night and one to remember.

Back in the dressing room it was super busy with so many friends coming back to say hello. Michael and his wife Bine were there from ‘Crazy Jeans,’ and even the ‘Frontm3n’ who were playing next door popped in to say hello. They are Peter Howarth vocalist with the Hollies, Pete Lincoln vocalist with the ‘Sweet’ and vocalist Mick Wilson from ‘10cc.’ There was also Heiko Roth famed photographer from the ‘Rock Meets Classic,’ amongst many other projects that take him around the world. We also had 3 of our manager Ace Trumps relatives and even my guitar tech Rich Bennett’s Mum and Dad. That was just a few of the guests, so you can see it was a busy old dressing room.

Eventually we made it back to the hotel for a very welcome shower and a very welcome bed.

The following day we travelled 270 miles to Leipzig Germany. This did not take too long, so we had some time to relax in the hotel before going down to the ‘Haus Auensee’ venue for dinner. We were on stage at 21.30pm that night so there was a bit of hanging about that is always filled with meet and greets and interviews. Usually we are busy up to an hour before we go on stage, then we have to stop and warm up and generally get into gig mode.

The concert was amazing considering the reaction we had in Hamburg, we thought that it might be a little less, but we were pleasantly surprised, and it was a brilliant night. Leipzig was rockin’!

Well it was back on Groundhog Day and we drove to Dresden which was just up the road by a couple of hours. We had to wait a little for our rooms, but we still had a fair amount of time in them as we stopped doing sound checks ages ago.

The venue was the ‘Schlachthof’ which was an old slaughter house and if I am honest this did not thrill me, but it was a big stage and they had made it into a pretty good venue.

The concert was much the same as in Leipzig and I was surprised at how well the new songs went down with the classic ones. Now that is a good sign and once again they were rockin’ big time, which was great.

The next day we drove to Hannover to play the famous Capitol Theatre. I had an interview at 7pm before the show and we had not played that venue for a long while and it was packed to the rafters, and what a concert it was. From the first to the last note the place was rockin’ and we had a great time. The band was on fire and the audience were totally up for it and they loved the new tracks as well as the older classic ones which was brilliant. It was an extremely strong response that felt great.

Kevin and Yvonne came from Wales for Hannover and Berlin, so it was good to see them.

Up next we were off to Berlin to play the ‘’Admiralspalast’ and this gig was sold out. I had to do a TV interview before the show and our friends Randy Black and his wife came by to say hi. Randy was the drummer for ‘Rock Meets Classic’ when Bernie and I first did it, and we became firm friends from there.

Well the reaction in Berlin raised the bar again as they were super fantastic, and we had three standing ovations which was just amazing. It was the last concert of the German part of the tour and boy what a way to finish it. We really nailed it and Berlin did us proud. The dressing room was buzzing, and Phil had his son and his wife with some friends over from England, so this was a wonderful show to see. We left Berlin feeling just great as the tour up to that point had been absolutely brilliant. We were excited to get on to the next leg in Denmark and do the same there.

It was the German Twins last show on this run, so we said goodbye to them.

‘Appy days!


2 Responses to “Box News #275 – November 20, 2018”

  1. Hi Mick ! Margit and I were at the first concert in Budapest, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. I was singing the ‘classics’ at the top of my voice … I thought Bernie needed a little help ! The only disappointment was not being able to meet you all, but we quite understand that you were probably too tired to appear, as it was the first night with so much new material. I spent most of the night taking pix, and you can see my photo album here: Good luck with the rest of the tour, and many ‘appy days ! Colin.

  2. Glen Doucet (Canada) Says:

    So glad to hear that the tour supporting the new album is going so great, I can only hope the tour takes you back to Canada so I can see the mighty Heep again…..

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